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Key demonstrations of Zyxel showcase at Broadband World Forum 2016 include Realizing Wi-Fi Excellence, Gigabit to the Home, and Improving User Experiences. Check out the resources below to learn more:
Wi-Fi Excellence
  • • Faster speeds
  • • Better coverage
  • • Seamless connectivity
  • • Easy plug & play
  • • Remote trouble shooting
  • • Fast deployment

The Journey to Wi-Fi Excellence

We pursue Wi-Fi Excellence in order to help provide end users with fast and seamless connectivity. We'll be showing off our latest LTE4506 HomeSpot Router, which has been shortlisted for the "Best Wireless Broadband Innovation" Broadband World Forum Award, as well as Multi-Path Transmission Control Protocol (MPTCP) with third-party software, which enables service providers to combine DSL and LTE to deliver more speed, more reach and resilience to customers.

We'll also show you how service providers can deliver gigabit to the home via our range of new and GPON solutions. We'll demonstrate how our latest products provide everything you need for whole-home coverage, and bring you exceptional user experiences. Find us at Booth B90.

Why meet Zyxel?

Focused on innovation and customer-centricity, Zyxel Communications Corp. has been connecting people to the internet for nearly 30 years. With an award-winning product portfolio that spans every hot networking technology trend, on the ground engineering and product support in over 150 markets, and in-house R&D to drive bespoke product innovation, Zyxel is your perfect Networking Ally.


100 million devices creating global connections


700,000 businesses work smarter with Zyxel solutions

You will witness the new chapter of Zyxel - our new logo and corporate identity will be showcased for the first time at BBWF. Discover more about Zyxel here, and see how we unlock people's potential.

Realizing Wi-Fi Excellence

We know that the single biggest customer support enquiry received by service providers relates to Wi-Fi issues. In order to provide excellent Wi-Fi experiences, with faster speeds, better coverage and seamless connectivity, we develop products from a user point of view. More than just an end goal, we consider Wi-Fi Excellence an evolving journey where we constantly push the limits of its definition. Our dedicated team and valuable partnerships are key to realizing these excellent Wi-Fi experiences.

Bring Lightning-Fast Internet Connectivity and Mobility for Home Networks

  • Zyxel's 4G LTE-A HomeSpot Router enables users to connect with a variety of mobile broadband services all over the world, thanks to its latest carrier aggregation technology compatible with LTE, DC-HSPA+/ HSPA/ UMTS and EDGE/ GPRS/ GSM. It's the only device in the mobile home router category with LTE category 6 compliance, delivering downlink data rates of up to 300Mbps.
  • Latest chipset solutions supporting wave 2 Wi-Fi and MU-MIMO will be on display at the show.

Hardware design

Hardware design is critical to achieving Wi-Fi excellence. We have a team of specialist hardware engineers to design, verify and optimise the Wi-Fi. This includes several stages:

  • In the spec definition stage, the technology, key component selection (such as chipset, power amplifiers and antennas) and benchmark performance criteria are defined.
  • The second stage is the design and development, whereby our hardware engineers help to verify the RF circuit design and do antenna pattern simulation to ensure optimal Wi-Fi.
  • The final stage is to verify the Wi-Fi, which includes a lot of testing and benchmarking to ensure Wi-Fi excellence is achieved.

Gigabit to the Home

Currently fiber to the cabinet (FTTC) is the most common form of connectivity for homes and businesses. With rollout of fiber to the home (FTTH/FTTP), commonly known as super-fast broadband, the biggest play for service providers, our latest G.Fast and Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) solutions enable the delivery of gigabit speeds to the home. Service providers can highly optimize and integrate various FTTx applications with the freedom to deploy services easily on GPON and delivers fiber-like speeds over the copper infrastructure and is designed to help service providers enhance their services, whilst protecting their investment in copper. It is especially suitable for operators that have an extensive investment in copper and wish to keep their CAPEX down, whilst delivering enhanced services. It is equally important for hard to reach locations, either those that are too remote or where planning permission and heritage building regulations may prevent the laying of fiber.


GPON enables the delivery of flexible FTTH applications. It brings new revenue streams for fiber optical services by combining the residential gateway, VoIP and wireless features, which can support prevalent deployments of triple-play services such as data, HDTV, VoIP.

Improving User Experiences

Our award-winning product portfolio provides everything you need to deliver seamless whole-home coverage, including home routers, wireless access points, wireless range extenders, and powerline adapters. Zyxel ONE Connect helps you improve the user experience, speed up set-up and reduce support costs with zero touch remote management.


MPTCP allows a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) connection to use multiple paths to maximize resources. This means service providers can combine their available DSL and LTE networks into a single and bigger pipe to deliver more speed, more reach and more resilience to customers; ideal for boosting performance in customer locations with low DSL speeds.


OPAL is our Linux-based operating system designed to run on multiple hardware platforms and chipsets. This gives customers a consistent user experience in terms of device management and features, no matter what platform or chipset they select from Zyxel on OPAL. Finally, features and bug fixes are constantly accumulated, meaning new OPAL devices will immediately benefit.

ONE Connect

To help you deliver the best customer service and stand out from the crowd, ONE Connect can help. When your customers want to boost their Wi-Fi signal, it normally means sending out a Wi-Fi extender, which usually means trouble - new costs that come from additional support calls. But in a ONE Connect enabled gateway, ZeroTouch remote management lets you configure the device effortlessly and remotely.

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